Formation Ritual was created by guitarist and vocalist Jason Tapia as a conduit to breathe new life into a collection of previously-unreleased songs. Quickly growing from a concept, the project gained momentum when Jason called on old friends Jose Perez (Bad Acid Trip) and Joe Mora (House of Broken Promises) to record the material. The band self-released The Shifting Dust in 2022, which reached #12 on the July Doom Charts that year. 

Taking cues from heavy and psychedelic influences from across the decades, including Sabbath, Deep Purple, Soundgarden and All Them Witches, the band’s mix of fuzzed-out guitar, melodic vocals and occasional use of overdriven organ and analog synths distinguishes them in the heavy scene. With lyrics touching on unsettling folklore, prehistoric cultures, strange dreams and dead languages, Formation Ritual transports listeners to other worlds. 

Building on the success of The Shifting Dust, Jason brought in drummer, Kelly McGovern, and bassist, Rob Black, for Formation Ritual’s second album, set for release in 2023.